A working business: You work it, it will work for you!

Do you continue to ask yourself “What it is that I need to “BE” to step up in my life?”

“Working business into life.”

Joseph Campbell, one of my favorite authors and teachers, once said that life is NOT about making a living.

Life is about “FEELING ALIVE.” Most entrepreneurs totally get that quote by working in their business.

For most entrepreneurs each day (well, nearly all) are filled with the creative process of taking an idea into some segment of their working business and creating something that they hope will bridge a gap for them.

Serving their clients in a real and more meaningful way.

Being more authentic in who they present to the world!

Today, I want to share this VIDEO with you….

It’s a video from Daniel Pink on Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. I think you will see how these three values of a working business are so important in growing YOURSELF into more of the entrepreneur you want to be.

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