Website Traffic 20 Useful Tips For Your Coaching Business


Wesite Hub

We all want to reach our audience and our Website is the “HUB” of our business.

It is also our most VALUABLE piece of real estate and it is where YOU want to have your clients, customers, and visitors “LAND.”

Here are some things you might want to know in making the most of your on-line real estate and to get more traffic!

20 Ways to GET MORE Website Traffic:

#1 Have a Lead Magnet that gives GREAT content.

(Report, Video, E-book, Guide, Step by Step, Cheat Sheet or Free Course)

#2 Link to your posts on Twitter back to your Website

#3 Put your Website Link on ALL your correspondence

#4 Submit Press Releases and link back to your Website

#5 Write a Book. Publish to Kindle and Add your Website link in the book

#6 Create a Podcast and Refer Back to Your Website where you will also have your Podcasts posted

#7 Pass Out 100 Business Cards every week with your Website information

#8 Leave Comments on other Blogs in your Niche#9 Create Video’s and Upload to Your Tube Channel

#9 Create Video’s and Upload to Your Tube Channel, Facebook Page as well as other Social Media sites.

#10 Interview Guests that can add value to your niche and also share with their list.

#11 Create “Evergreen” Webinars that play automatically while you are sleeping!

#12 Offer Strategy Sessions (If this applies to your business)

#13 Host a Google Hangout, Snap Chat or Periscope and Send your listeners to your website for FREE fgift!

#14 Add articles on Linked-In

#15 Create and Give Away an E-book and Post on all your Social Media Sites and link back to YOUR website

#16 Go to some MeetUp Groups in Your Niche and Give out a Postcard with YOUR Information…Better yet START a Meetup Group

#17 Ask another Entrepreneur in a non-competing market if you can be a guest blogger on their site. Always offer your services in the attitude of “GIVING GREAT CONTENT”

#18 Join HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and Get one of your GREAT articles published

#19 Post all your Blog Articles on your Social Media and link back to your Website (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ Etc.)

#20 Run a Facebook Ad for a product, webinar, free gift or exciting new announcement and link back to your Website.

I think you probably get the picture here, getting more website traffic is a key to good business.

IF you have some additional ideas…PLEASE add in the COMMENTS below and while you are reading this…visit my Website.

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