Twitter Trends

It’s always good business to keep up with twitter trends.


Twitter Trends

Get the latest Twitter Trends…

As we all know Trends are just that… “Trends” and they are constantly changing, particularly in Social Media.

With this fast pace changing of “what works and what doesn’t” you want to keep up with the trends and give them a try.

We all want to be on top of our business and Twitter is no exception.

Are you using trends to make your Tweets stand out or are you still in the scenario?

You might just want to take a look at some of the Trends that DEFINITELY make a difference in getting more “on Twitter and make a change in getting your message out to your audience.

The Power of Visuals Using Imagination for Twitter Trends

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, Tweets with images get 150% more Retweets than those without, 89% more favorites and 18% more clicks than those without images. Use Graphs, Photo’s, Comics, in your Tweets. You can go to sites like PicMonkey and Canvas and create some of your own Visuals or use all kinds of Graphics that will get your message across with a little pizzazz. Put your imagination and creativity to work.

Video’s Work Too Using Video for Twitter Trends

No matter where you are or what you are doing you probably recognize the power of Video’s in connecting on Social Media and Twitter is no exception. We know that Tweets with Videos get 28% more Retweets. So get those cameras and iPhones out and let your tribe know what you are up to. You might want to just say “hello” for the day or give a valuable tip that might even go viral. How fun would that be?

Engaging Hashtags#  Using Hashtags with Twitter Trends

Yes, Hashtags are trending everywhere. Twitter may have actually been the first place to catch on and you will want to get those Hashtags out there and get RT. #TopBusinessCoach #MillionaireMindsetCoach #SummerHeat. You can put on your creative hat and have fun coming up with some Hashtags# that your story. Retweets with one or more Hashtags are 55% more likely to get Retweeted than those without Hashtags.#############

Use Quotations  Using Quotation Marks for Twitter Trends

“Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World.” Norman Vincent Peale. Tweeps love quotations and be sure and use them properly with Quotation marks. Motivation. Education. Inspiration. Let your tribe FEEL what it is you are putting out to Social Media with great quotes and use those quotation marks. And yes, quotation marks are 30% more likely to be Retweeted.

Show Some Excitement  LOL

Even a simple exclamation point emphasizes a bit of excitement and “pay attention to this”. Using words like WOW, UNBELIEVABLE, FREE, CLICK NOW, LOL. Tweets with exclamation points get more Retweets than those without. !!!!!!!

big red green and blue 3d numbers 123 - 3d rendering/illustration

Build With Numbers   

Tweets with numbers or digits get 17% more Tweets. You will be able to think of dozens of ways to use numbers in your Tweets i.e. (5 Steps to More Clients) (Top 10 Tips to Making More $$) Tweets with Numbers get 17% more RT…….

Most Retweeted Words RETWEET RETWEET

WOW! Did you know that the FIVE most Retweeted words are You, Twitter, Please, Retweet and Incorporate these words in your tweets and get Retweeted over and over. “Will YOU PLEASE RETWEET my POST on TWITTER.” (I think I got all five)

Power of Please  Please

I know your Mother told you to use Please and Yes. BUT, did you know that a Please RT gets 33% more Retweets than NOT using Please. So…PLEASE use it. Wins  Bitly

I LOVE BIT.LY! Tweets that use links that are shortened using get 9.8% more Retweets! And those great little short links can send your Tweeps to your website, a product, or a blog. How cool is that? And the best news is that you get to write a longer post because you shortened your post with

Now you have some of the latest trends in Twitter at your fingertips! Go out and start Retweeting. If you have some Twitter “Secrets” that you want to share…PLEASE PLEASE share with us below.

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