The All Important BRAIN DUMP!

The all important brain dumpYou may have heard the term “Brain Dump” (or not) but, brain dump sounds like something interesting at least.

For me, it goes back about eight or nine years ago when I attended my first and perhaps my last, Internet Marketing “Sale Fest.”

I had just been introduced to the Wild World of Internet Marketing and I had gotten an invitation to an event in Atlanta. As a Life Coach/Breakthrough Coach I thought it would be an interesting learning opportunity~

And, I was offered a $1,000 FREE ticket!

Wow, I couldn’t believe it.

Not only was it FREE and it was only thirty minutes away.

This was an event with some outstanding Internet Gurus including Robert Allen, Matt, Jay Conrad Levenson, Tellman Knudson and some others that I didn’t know, but later realized were leaders in the field Information Marketing.

Honestly, I was just excited to be at the program and to learn more about this thing called Internet Marketing from all these top successful presenters.

I know sometimes I may seem a bit naive, but as Dr. Phil says… “This isn’t my first rodeo”.

Well, in my case I guess it was.

I caught on pretty quickly, actually by the second presenter.

If you don’t know the “routine” the presenter gets up and gives his presentation and then at the end he makes an offer (a pitch as it is called) AND you can only get to purchase right then and of course, it is a discounted.

One year of a particular program or whatever the offer entails…but it IS a “one time only offer” (Are you with me?)

No pressure. Well, just a little.

There I was at the “conference” and I was definitely caught up in the whole process.

I was definitely impressed by one of the presenters .

Mark Joiner.

(Mark is known as the “Godfather of Internet Marketing.” )

Mark was among the very first to introduce Information Marketing and Internet Marketing, as we know it today. One of the books he wrote (still available today) was Simpleology.

In that book and his online course Mark teaches a morning ritual call the BRAIN DUMP.

So finally I get to the subject at hand!

The morning Brain Dump is just that… setting aside a time each morning to sit and writing in free flow about everything that is on your mind.
Get it out and on paper.
What it is you are wanting to accomplish for the day, what you are tolerating, what is it that keeps popping up in your mind that you haven’t done. Anything at all that comes to your mind (even that E-book that you just haven’t quite got around to)…no filters, no right or wrong.
Just write it down.

After you have emptied your mind and you now have it on paper, you can decide what it is you really want to do with it.

Are there items you want to delegate to someone else?

Are there items you need to move to another list that truly needs your attention today. Or, it may be that you just need to look at the list and come back at another time before you decide there is next step. You very well may do nothing!

It is about the PROCESS.

It about a transformational process of putting thoughts on paper and releasing them.

Here is a SECRET.

There is something about getting those things “that clutter your brain” written down on a daily basis that clears your mind to be able to determine what is important and what is not.

After all, with 60,000 thoughts a day, plus being bombarded with information everywhere we go, it makes perfect sense to get it out of your head and to write it down on paper.

As a long time Life Coach and Business Strategist I have worked with numerous clients that start out using this process to get clear on what it is they are wanting in their lives, business, relationships, etc. IT works.

Give it a try and you might also want to move forward with a COACH. Mindset is first and foremost and that starts with your BRAIN.