7 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Lifestyle

A kick-ass lifestyle gets you moving!!

7 Steps to FREEDOM
7 Steps to FREEDOM

7 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Lifestyle

What’s a kick-ass lifestyle? It’s getting things done and making things happen. It’s about progress, results, and steamrolling past obstacles and challenges. It’s true that most people want a kick-ass lifestyle; however, it remains just beyond their reach, largely because they don’t know how to kick it in gear and make it happen. The good news is there are ways to manifest such a lifestyle, using the following seven steps.

Make Decisions Quickly

You simply cannot kick ass when you’re dragging your feet. Hesitation delays rewards. The most successful people make decisions quickly. Sure, we need to do our homework to ensure we’re making the best decisions, but waiting too long will only make us older, not better or more relevant. Don’t wait until tomorrow, next month, or next year—make a decision so you can get moving toward what you want today. Everything in your life begins with a decision. As Tony Robbins says, “I believe that it’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” The fact is the most successful people learn to make quick decisions, so can you!   https://anitagwheeler.com

Change Your Perspective

Sometimes, we get sidelined or stuck in a rut and can’t find a way to get back on track. We can change that by changing our perspective. Instead of viewing a situation as negative, look for ways to use it as a positive. When you shift your perspective, you shift your mindset so it can assist you in recognizing opportunities disguised as challenges. Make a commitment to yourself that when you FEEL you are going in the wrong direction with your emotions, you will remind yourself to shift. (What you resist persists!)

Let Go of Controlling (Which isn’t Happening, Anyway!)

You cannot control the universe, so there’s no reason to try. We all have a natural tendency to want to control what’s happening to us and around us, but the more we attempt to exert control, the less control we actually have. It’s like control becomes an impenetrable wall that keeps everything at bay, even those things that we really want. If we let go and trust in the abundance of the universe, we are open to receiving abundance, rather than restricting it. Here’s the deal: it’s the decisions that we make, not the circumstances, that we need to focus on. There are always going to be circumstances in your life that change from day to day and sometimes moment to moment. It’s called non-resistance. In order to let go, stay in a mental mode of non-resistance.

Tame the “FEAR FACTOR”

Nobody likes to make mistakes. Nobody wants to fail. Fear of failure is one of the main reasons we don’t pursue goals or follow our dreams. The Fear factor is a huge impediment to a kick-ass lifestyle … and one that’s got to go quickly if you want to have the life you dream about, be what and who you want to be, and do the things that make you feel good.  Here is the thing about Fear..the biggest thing you should Fear is being STOPPED by it and not living the life you were meant to live.  

STOP focusing on what could go wrong and focus on what can go right. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Kick Ass means stopping yourself in your tracks when FEAR raises its ugly head. If you need to, look at your beliefs and start turning those around. Get a coach and BREAKTHROUGH the fear.

Spend Time with Fun, Happy and POSITIVE People

We are the people we hang around with most. If you hang around with negative, unhappy people, you’ll become negative and miserable. Spend time with fun, happy and POSITIVE people—you’ll become optimistic, carefree, and get more enjoyment in your life as it unfolds before you. Remember, creating a kick-ass lifestyle isn’t an end goal—it’s a process. Don’t wait until you have your life exactly as you want it or give up on the life that deep down you believe might be possible.  DESIGN your life exactly like you want it to actually BE. Start by finding friends who are supportive of you and your dreams. BE around POSITIVE people 99% of the time.  It’s your choice.  Choose wisely. If your friends are not positive most of the time… let them go.

Work Out” Exercise

A kick-ass lifestyle isn’t just about money, success, or fame. It’s also about being healthy and having the energy to enjoy life and your passions. Get moving and get your blood pumping—it invigorates your mind, increases your energy, and proactively prevents health problems. The best way to get more energy is to amp up the energy you do have available. Momentum brings more momentum, and energy creates more energy. You know the feeling that you get when you go to the gym to exercise and you HATE going, but when you leave you feel great.  You have started “moving” your energy.  Energy begats energy.  If you are a couch potato your energy needs a KICK ASS motivation boost. Get up and get out.  

One of the biggest moneymaking industries today is WEIGHT LOSS. Most of us have found ourselves in the gain weight and diet cycle, yet only about 2% succeed long term. Why don’t we succeed? Because we want instant gratification, but losing weight requires a LIFESTYLE change. This is where your values come into play and you need the KICKASS attitude and determination to really create a long-term game. Get your head (thoughts) straight and do it.

Know When to Take a “Timeout”

You cannot be on the go all of the time—your body and mind need to rest and rejuvenate. You need down time to heal, regroup, and adapt to the changes in your career and life. If you’re losing interest, at a standstill, or questioning your choices, step back and take a break. Once your mind is clear and you know what you want, you’ll be rested and ready to jump back in the game with all gears moving at full speed.

A creative mind comes with space and clarity. A year or so ago, I was in a Mastermind with Jeff Walker (my hero) and Jeff talked about taking one day off a week with NO distractions. This advice really resonated with most of the entrepreneurs that were there. What did he mean about no distractions? That means NONE. No phone. No e-mails. NADA. Find the time to just do something you enjoy and check-out for the day. What happens? You’ll come back with all kinds of new energy and insights that come out of that “nothingness” space—the place where creation is born.

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Anita is a Breakthrough, Success, and Mindset Coach.  If you are ready to truly take action and catapult your life forward, you can check out ways to work with Anita at www.anitagwheeler.com.

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