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Self Publishing?

Become a self publishing author using Amazon services.

It’s a whole new world when it comes to self publishing a book.  You can easily publish with the worlds largest bookstore AMAZON and even have the opportunity to have a Best Selling book.

Every aspiring author wants their book sold in the largest retail stores, which is why Amazon has become the bookstore of choice for self-published authors.

Amazon has made it possible for independent authors to market and sell their book to a huge audience without having to accomplish the daunting feat of obtaining a literary agent and publisher.

Another great bonus about self-publishing a book on Amazon is that authors aren’t saddled with up-front costs.

There are no fees to upload a book on Amazon.

Books can be sold in digital format, where they are available for download a computer, Kindle, iPad, or your smart phone.

Authors can also sell paperback versions of their book through, which is Amazon’s print-on-demand service.

Createspace enables authors to upload their book and book cover and then it prints the book only when a customer orders it.

. The author does not have to front the costs of printing and receives royalties based on the cost of printing the book and the retail price, which is set by the author.

This is an AWESOME feature!

One of the great things about Amazon is that it is a one-stop site where self publishing authors can market, promote, and sell their books.

The industry is changing to quickly and becoming so accessible to Entrepreneurs that want to write a book about their particular area of expertise.

I have an entrepreneur friend that wanted to get a book done to promote a particular product that she was launching and she wrote and had her book published in less than six weeks. As you may know, there are programs available today to write your book in a weekend!

There are a lot of options.

Here is another possibility. Amazon’s Author Central allows authors to post their bio, links to their blogs and websites, reviews, and share other books they’ve written.

How cool is that?

As long as you have a book available for sale, this marketing tool is free!

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s electronic/digital division. Again, there are no upfront fees, and authors can choose from a selection of different marketing strategies and opportunities. Royalties range from 35 percent to 70 percent, depending on whether the author chooses KDP or KDP Select Publishing.

Not only does Amazon make it possible for aspiring self publishing authors to write, sell, and market their books (in both paperback and digital formats), but it also tracks and ranks sales, takes care of shipping, and has a more attractive royalty rate than traditional publishers.

With its massive audience, sales potential, affordability, and marketing tools, even first-time, independent, self-published authors can write a book that reaches bestseller status.

And….that could be you.

So, what are you waiting for….get to writing and get YOUR book published this year!

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