-> VIP Day – Anita G. Wheeler

It's YOUR Time to Focus on Your Business. Your Goals and Your Millionaire Dreams.

Fast Forward YOUR Business Breakthrough With YOUR 1-on-1 Day of Focused Planning and Action

You're ready to realize your dreams, revamp your goals and embrace your Millionaire Mindset!

I'm ready to take you there. In one day we will move your business forward faster to achieve what it takes most businesses over 6 months to achieve.

This is a bold statement, and it's the truth

I am dedicated to

Your Success

It's why I'm in business

AND our time together doesn't stop with the initial VIP Breakthrough Day.

  • We'll focus on where you are.
  • We'll focus on where you want to be.
  • We will dig deep into your MINDSET and get absolute clarity on where you have blocks around making MONEY and understanding how UNLIMITED possibilities are all around you.
  • We'll review your current revenue model, sales and lead generation and take a deep look at what's working and what's not.
  • We'll dig in deep to find the best strategies to get your business making more money fast.
  • We'll set a goal targeting exactly where you want to be in the next 12 months.
  • We'll create a plan and strategy for your personalized blueprint for maximum profit with precise day to day actions.
  • We'll outline your Marketing Plan for the next twelve months including your Message, Signature Talk, Funnel, and how you'll get your message out (This can include Webinars, Podcasts, Social Media, Facebook Ads, and other channels that will work for your business).
  • We'll meet for 6, 60 minute follow-up session within 60 days of your initial VIP Breakthrough to keep you on track, accountable and most important make sure you're taking action (did I mention this is an accelerated process to get you results FAST!?).
  • You'll also have 10/10 minute, laser focused calls with me to use when you're executing your blueprint in case you need my help to move things forward.
We keep it simple and focused so you get fast results.


Your VIP DAY is a true one on one retreat exclusively focused on transforming your business and your mindset. Our goal is to take you from ordinary growth to extraordinary growth to deliver more targeted clients in less time, make more money at your bottom line, and position you and your message PERIOD.

Your exclusive day takes place in person in Atlanta in a luxury suite at one of Atlanta's top 4 star Hotels. Your day starts at 9 a.m. And ends when it ends! This means we roll up our sleeves and get the work done.

You'll have a clear plan and strategy after our first day together and it doesn't stop there. I am committed to your success.

How to Determine WHEN the VIP DAY is for you?

It's a Fit for You WHEN:

  • You're highly motivated and need to put all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together quickly and succinctly to make more money
  • You're dedicated to taking action to move your business quickly and methodically as possible
  • You're ready to BREAKTHROUGH whatever has been standing in your way with my proven mindset and money system
  • When you're READY to BREAKTHROUGH, apply here and we'll have a one-on-one conversation to make sure this is the right next step to breakthrough to your Millionaire Mindset.