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Breakthrough The Mastermind

Create YOUR Breakthrough Business from Start to Finish in 12 Months

The #1 goal and purpose of the Money and Mindset Breakthrough Mastermind is to get your business working for you. We are going to put all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together for you once and for all based on your unique message and business model. This means you're committed to making more money, blowing past your mindset blocks and you're ready to take massive action as the leader you know you are.

You have one BIG IDEA that can be launched in a variety of ways depending on what it is that you want your business to be.

AND you are ready to make it happen.


YOUR business working exactly as you have dreamed that it would...

LIFE unfolding exactly the way you have always dreamed of by YOUR design...

MONEY being easily generated in ways that support your lifestyle...

MINDSET that supports the belief that anything is possible... It is!

MASTERY to execute your dream life and business with precision because YOU ARE FINALLY READY TO TAKE OWNERSHIP AND GET IT DONE (no more jumping from program to program or hoping there's a magic bullet). I know this can sound like wishful thinking and I can tell you with absolute authority it's not.

YOU CAN DO IT -- with a (WALK AWAY) system and strategies that will move you so quickly you will be astonished! AND i am going to show you what is truly possible.


Together we'll review specific frameworks for different business models to see what is best suited for you to make money quickly doing exactly what feels right and authentic for YOU!

  • You may want a Signature Program, and you launch only once or twice a year like Marie Forleo, Chalene Johnson, or James Wedmore
  • You may want a Signature Program that launches three or four times a year like Amy Porterfield
  • You may want to ACTUALLY fill your Coaching Practice and then leverage in different ways OR
  • You may want to become THE Expert in your field by launching a book, or doing events and workshops.
  • You may want to revamp your current coaching business to get better results OR you may have a completely new idea that needs to be vetted tested and refined before you launch

Not only that, we'll BUILD your program, system and business model as we go so you're ready to launch. I have proven experts who will be on hand to help you.

The Deliverables:

We’ll focus on 6 MODULES to create exactly what you need to success.

#1 Mindset – The core of this Mastermind is about Mindset and it is where the Gold lies. (When you break past your blocks, anything is possible and opportunities you may have never imagined come your way)

#2 Your Message – This is where you get clear on your uniqueness and what makes you stand out. (We clarify and monetize your message to make sure you’re making more money and working with the right clients)

#3 Define Your Ideal Client – The days of being all things to everyone are over. (It’s time to get clear about who you really want to play with – the riches are in the niches)

#4 Create Your Signature Program – You will walk away with YOUR signature program (we’ll create or recreate exactly what you need to succeed so you can implement right away)

#5 Uniquely Brand You as “The Expert” – Your brand is the promise you make to the world and it must represent YOU (we’ll make sure everything looks and feels right from your logo to your website to your customer experience)

#6 Marketing – Specifically how to BEST market you! – We’ll determine the best marketing channels for YOUR business and create your messages (via video, events, social media, television, podcast, periscope… you’re covered!)

We’ll meet monthly via ZOOM conference call and meet three times within the year LIVE for two intense days of hands on ZOOM workshops to GET THINGS DONE. By the time we’ve completed our time together, when you TAKE ACTION, you’ll walk away with a fully branded business ready to roll.

Each mastermind applicant is hand-selected by me to ensure we have powerful group synergy to get things done quickly and effectively.

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Here's a recap

of What YOU can Expect from the BREAKTHROUGH Mastermind

In your BREAKTHROUGH MASTERMIND experience you’re getting:

  • Three Zoom LIVE, 2-day, Mastermind Workshops where you roll up your sleeves and get the work done
  • TEN one-on-one coaching calls with me
  • Monthly group coaching calls where you can ask your questions AND get feedback from your NEW best friends (the bonds you create in high-level masterminds last a lifetime)
  • Private Facebook forum to exchange ideas and get feedback from me and your mastermind peers
  • Expert guests both at the ZOOM live workshop and on-line group calls (These include Copywriter, Brand Specialist, Web Designer, Social Media Experts)
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Who I am

and WHY You Should Consider the Money and Mindset BREAKTHROUGH Mastermind Program

I know you can create this for yourself… because I have.

I have live the life of dreams for pretty much my whole business career. Not to say there have not been lots of ups and downs! And to be perfectly authentic and transparent... it has been a journey and a process. However, I have stepped WAY out of my comfort zone numerous times on this journey (even when all I had was a desire and a vision) and had tremendous financial and transformational success. You can read more about me here (but first, read on because there are some personal things I want to share)

I live in a beautiful part of the country on a farm that I dreamed of having for years because I knew it was a place I could ground myself, stay connected to my spiritual growth and I could make a difference with my entrepreneur clients in a way that feels in total integrity and PASSION...

I have had the Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Range Rover AND VW bug and Pop-top Camper! (Get the diversity). I have traveled. Lived in Paris. Traveled in Europe. Took Courses in Canada and all over the USA. Mainly because I love learning and I can pass it on to you so you can accelerate your success, I save YOU tons of money, leverage your time, and shorten the learning curve. YES, I have had awards, media exposure and all of that. BUT... my biggest accomplishments (besides my daughter) have been that I have always been able to see the BIG VISION for others and train my clients HOW TO MAKE MONEY, BE SEEN, and Create a Business they are passionate about that works for that! I HAVE made multiple six figures landing me in the top %1 of earners and I would like to show you how you can do it, too.

Apply here and when your application is selected for review, we'll schedule a call to talk about what's right for you and your business (AND I'll share all the details including some of my top experts who will be working right alongside us).

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THIS is your year to really commit to taking ACTION and creating YOUR IDEAL business because success comes to those who have a plan, strategy, and proven system!!!