Limiting Belief Is Detrimental to Achievement

Most of us have a limiting belief of what we’re capable of “BEING,” “DOING,” or “HAVING”…..

I was out walking yesterday and thought to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often?”



Millionaire Mindset Coach
Millionaire Mindset Coach

I could even do it every day.

But do I have a ‘limiting belief’ of what I can do?

I do think about my health and in fact, have begun to make some major changes in what I eat. (I will share that another time).

You know we all have good intentions at the beginning of each year and now that months have passed you might and we are half way through that year you might want to revisit those intentions and connect with your mindset and beliefs!

The MAIN thing to remember is that good intentions can’t be connected to a conflicting belief.

For example, if you have an intention of losing weight you might:

  • A.  Sign up for the gym
  • B.  Hire a personal trainer
  • C   Buy new exercise shoes for motivation
  • D   Set days of the week in your Google calendar to make your decision more concrete.

These are all good actions IF you “COMPLETED” would assist you in reaching your goal.

But, what happens when you find that a month later, you just didn’t follow thru.

Could it be that you just didn’t align your intentions with your beliefs?

And, why would that make such a difference?

Here are some examples of Intention vs Conflicting Limiting Beliefs

Intention – I want a wildly successful business. Limiting belief – I have never had over five clients

Intention – I want to be healthy. Limiting Belief –I am not capable of the diet thing

Intention – I want a loving relationship. Limiting Belief – I don’t believe I am lovable

Intention – I want to be a millionaire. Limiting Belief – I’ve never made over $45,000

As you can see all of these beliefs block your intentions.

Your mind begins to slowly present obstacles that limit you in your own thinking.

This leaves you feeling stuck and possibly tossing your intentions “out the door.”

Here are a few good TIPS to help you move forward with intentions that align with your desires:

1) Write down all of the emotions and thoughts that come up when your “monkey mind” starts talking to you or when you begin to feel resistance to your intentions. This will help you identify the thought or conflicting belief and allow your mind to see things objectively on paper. Try not to judge your thoughts. Be a WITNESS and just watch and listen to what you are telling yourself about you! If you can see your emotions objectively on paper then it sometimes allows you to separate yourself from the situation AND to recognize your patterns so you can SHIFT.

2) Align your thoughts with the action you want that supports your intention.

3) Tell yourself (Example) “I am in the process of creating a successful six figure business. “Is that true? YES…it is true and you just made your intention congruent with the belief that you are in the process! Of course, you need to be taking action steps toward that reality that confirm what you just stated.

4) Recognizing that your intentions are in conflict with your beliefs is a HUGE step in starting to shift, so you can ACHIEVE and BELIVE  what you are intending.


“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”  Mahatma Gandhi


As Entrepreneurs and Business Owners we are constantly working on our businesses and our mindsets around what we are telling ourselves about what we can and cannot accomplish. IF you are STUCK. If your Business is NOT where you want it to be. If you are starting a NEW Business on-line and want a Strategic PLAN or IF you just have an IDEA and want to birth it.

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