Life coaching can be very rewarding. BECOME a LIFE COACH.

Life coaching makes more money.

People often think of “sports” coaches when they think of the word Coaches. However, there is another category of Coaches who have appeared on the “scene” in the past number of years AND this new coach is a leading a huge new growing industry!


In fact, the “COACHING” Industry is one of the largest growing industries today!

Here are some quotes from some leaders in the On-Line Marketing and Business Industry about Coaching.

“Business Coaching is currently GROSSING 12 Billion Per Year.  Growing by 816 Million Annually.”

life coaches make more money
And here is another quote…

“Coaching is a Billion Dollar Opportunity that is emerging right now in the ‘online information’ industry.’

life coaches make more money

Life coaching specializes in helping people reach their goals, make personal and/or professional improvements, and accelerate significant and real changes in their lives.

While there are many specialties in coaching, such as Business Coaches, Book Coaches, Health Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Success Coaches, and Career Coaches, the basis of all of those specialties, and many others, lies in LIFE COACHING.

Hiring a Life Coach is a smart investment, regardless of one’s pursuits, goals, or current levels of success.

Those of us who have used coaches over the years understand the value of investing in personal, business and spiritual growth in a BIG WAY.

Wanting to make changes in your life is a human trait.  Not living up to your full potential and having an actual blueprint or plan along with someone to assist you in the process is appealing, particularly to those interested in SELF DEVELOPMENT.

A life coach will work with you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, as well as priorities and goals AND HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE.

Together with a coach YOU develop a strategic plan to help you break through beliefs, doubts, and barriers and move to the next level in your life!

(Contrary to popular opinion, life coaches aren’t therapists.)

Whether you are:

  • An established entrepreneur who wants to move to the next level
  • Start an on-line business and work from home
  • Contemplating moving to a new industry
  • College graduate trying to find your way into a career
  • Looking for the right relationship OR transforming your current one

Life coaching will provide you with the tools, strategies, and accountability you need to catapult your success. Life coaching is not reserved solely for those who have not yet attained notoriety and success. Some very famous personalities have enjoyed great benefits from life coaching.

Pop stars, television producers, and musicians rank among the satisfied clientele of Life Coaches.

Nia Long, who starred on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Danny Bonaduce, who played Danny on “The Partridge Family,” and members of the band Metallica sing the praises of life coaching.

Let’s not overlook one of the most successful TV personalities of our time, Oprah, who has a LIFE COACH and features life coaching in her show Lifeclass, as a teaching tool to help others improve their lives.

Here is a sample of the benefits and services LIFE COACHING offers:

  • Identifying priorities and the most effective investment of time, effort, and assets
  • Defining goals and creating attainable plans/strategies to reach them
  • Creating personal and professional balance
  • Career transitions
  • Breaking through barriers and obstacles and moving past plateaus
  • Troubleshooting problems and developing effective solutions
  • Improving public and/or professional image and credibility
  • Exploring a new business or new business idea

Whether you’re striving to improve relationships, advance your career or business, or improve your wealth or success levels, a life coach can bring new meaning, purpose, and growth to your life.

LIFE is about growing and change. 

You may decide you have an interest in learning more about becoming a Life Coach.

Here is the good news….

Coming Soon…..An exciting new Certification for Life Coaches.

(If you are a person who really has a deep desire for helping people make BIG changes in their lives and fulfill their potential and you want to start a new career for yourself. Click here for information.)

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