Job Hurdles and Your J.O.B. Freedom

Job hurdles can be a real challenge!

Looking for job hurdles

It seems that so many people today are seeking freedom and independence from a J.O.B.,

…but they admit they have some job hurdles in front of them.

Some are real. Some are not.

Of course, the KEY to getting over those hurdles is to figure out which hurdles are real (for you) or not.

I know when I started thinking about what is was that I wanted to do to “Make a Living,” it was for me more about what I didn’t want than what I wanted. (Not a bad place to start!)

I had already tried the entry kind of J.O.B.(receptionist at a restaurant, working at my Dad’s Army Surplus Store, you get the picture, not exactly the most glamorous of jobs). I sort of got the idea that this thing called “work” better be something I liked because standing behind a counter or sitting behind a desk was NOT what I planned to do for the next umptine years!

Funny thing was that my Dad “My Hero and a True Entrepreneur” (Jeff Walker is included in this category) had a dynamite business that he really loved and in fact, he enjoyed it until he couldn’t.

He was still working at 94 and then he “graduated.”

My Grandad, had the same “Entrepreneur” spirit. He did exactly what he loved and money was never the motivation. He raced thoroughbreds and was a horse trainer.

My hurdles, were more in my mind than in reality. (Most always the case.) I believe that job hurdles are exactly what we create when we aren’t clear on what it is we want.

So we stay “stuck.”

One of the biggest job hurdles we create is about MONEY. Many of us think of the “Almighty Dollar” as if it were a living entity sitting over in the bank and as it dwindles or grows, we do the same.

We learn early on in our careers to “TRADE” our time for money. It is NOT a good trade.  In fact, it is a deception and an illusion, most often.

You don’t have to fall for this illusion. YOU create your reality. You believe what you believe you are. The good news is it is up to YOU to create the life you want. I know this is a tough concept when you have had parents, teachers, friends, etc. trying to help you in making decisions about you. Their intentions are most often good, but many times based on what they want for you and many times tied to money!

This is about you AND you can make a living doing what you love and make MONEY.

Lots of it if that is what you want. Enough to quit your J.O.B. Even build a conglomerate or be a one man show. It’s up to YOU! And there are more opportunities for you to do just that than ever before! (Some real examples)

  • Teaching how to play a guitar “on-line”
  • Video Show on  “How to Make Green Smoothies” (BIG SUCCESS)
  • Another specializing in being a MOM-preneur!

And if you have any questions about this take a look at YOU TUBE. They are young , and I mean young, entrepreneurs making money on creative concepts all over YOU TUBE.
Yes, some are larks and some may seem silly, but they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Here is where we falter.

Anything that you can imagine is possible! (Otherwise you wouldn’t be imagining it!) We have forgotten to use the most critical aspect of ourselves and that is our creativity. It is what we are here for. I know what you are thinking, “I am not creative” …You are, you have just forgotten!

We are all creators. Life is about growing yourself. Don’t just accept what is. “The status quo.” Make a decision to create a life and a business that you L.O.V.E. and one that has all kinds of possibilities and opportunities for you.

NO, you are not too “old” to make a change. Yes, you can start small. Yes, you can do this while continuing to work at your current J.O.B.

BUT, at some point, you might just want to “burn the ship” and step into your BEST life and trust and believe in yourself AND that the Universe will support you.


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