Invest in yourself, not someone else.

invest in yourself

Are you a person that is trading your time for money?  Invest in yourself instead.

I remember graduating from college. So excited about starting a career, all I thought about was trading my time for money. Back then, I had a lot of time. But not a lot of money.

Trading time for money.

What a great concept! Getting a salary every month sounded like the most wonderful thing in the world.

YEA … a paycheck! I would sit and think about how I could spend that money. You know. The “American Dream” (now known by some as the “American Nightmare”).

But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know that trading time for money was a limited concept. Meaning, I would not be in control of how much money I could make! I didn’t realize I could invest in MYSELF!

Fast forward several years.

Divorced and raising my three-year-old daughter by myself, my future looked totally different.

This time I wasn’t excited.

Why? This time I realized I didn’t have “time or money.” I realized I wanted more for myself, my future, and my daughter.

(Mama Bear kicked in!)

So … I took a HUGE “risk” and accepted a job where my pay was based on commission. Then I’d be the one in charge of how much money I could make. “Yes”, I decided to invest in myself.

Was I nervous? A little. But then I told myself I could do this.

It was time to take the leap.

And leap, I did. Off and running, I have never looked back.

(You can do this, too! You can invest in YOUSELF!)

Oh, one other thing.


I knew I was supported in this decision.

Supported by what I have always known as GOD, the Universe … or whatever you call that Source that created you and sustains you.

I just had to do my part (and listen to that small voice inside), and I’d know what to do. Within me, I had all that I needed.

That has never changed.

With every career move, including business owner, business strategist, coach, trainer, and real estate broker, I have stepped out with the mindset of “I can do this and I know it will work.”

It worked, and it works!

Because THE SECRET is believing in an outcome … even before it happens.

I am NOT saying there were not times of doubt or challenges. There were.

But most of those were created in my mind. AND as soon as I got back on track with what I wanted and believed was possible, shifts happened.

We live in a world of “I NEED TO KNOW.” Everyone wants to know the outcome before they take the risk. They want security. They want absolutes.

It doesn’t work that way.

You have to decide and take the leap, “Burn the bridge,” and go for what you want. Stop trading your precious time for money! You can actually design your life and live it. Invest in yourself.

Do you know what you are here to do?

If not…. Invest in yourself and in your future, and get a coach.

I have helped hundreds of business owners with this exact dilemma.(REALLY)

And even more important…I am confident that I can help you. (AND…you deserve it!)

If you are ready to truly move to a new level.  A new world…. Sign up today for a Rapid Results Strategy Session.

CHOOSE to STOP trading your time for money. It’s your turn to begin living your life by design and loving the journey!

GO for it. Make the decision to INVEST IN YOURSELF!

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