-> About – Anita G. Wheeler
There is one thing that makes the difference between people who make it big, and people who don't.

When people ask me “What exactly is it you do in your business,” I respond…

"I am an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Breakthrough Coach and I work with other coaches and entrepreneurs on breaking through barriers to making more money, being seen in a big way and getting more business."

  • Making More Money
  • Being Seen
  • Getting More Business

BUT… What I really want to say is:

"I show my clients how to get out of their own way, get their Mindset in order, set up systems and watch their worlds change!"

AND… What I really want to say is:

"I GOT THIS and I can get you exactly where you want to be in your business because it is actually SO much less complicated than you think - I promise. Let's get started."

More about Me and How I Can Help YOU… Delivering, Proven, Co-Created Results to Support YOUR Dreams

There are many Coaches promising many things as I know you know! Unfortunately, more often than not, they do not deliver. One thing I can promise is I'll help you figure out how to make more money quickly, get past limiting beliefs, break-through your stuck points, re-set your mindset and map out a strategic plan that is uniquely yours to get results quickly.

I've helped an entrepreneur like you to experience amazing transformations that have opened huge doors to success and complete shifts have occurred. I'm known as a top Business Strategist and Millionaire Mindset Coach because I help my clients get results. I'm not going to feed you bullshit about six and seven figure businesses... that is the OLD paradigm (it's certainly possible but it doesn't happen overnight and it's an individuals goals that set that number.) It does mean that once you shift your mindset you will start to see results immediately and your life and business will change.

Together we'll identify and create a specific plan for you to reach your goal. I will be with you step-by-step.

Your desire could be to

  • Turn your BIG idea into a business (whatever it is you're dreaming of, we can create a plan that works for you, REALLY!)
  • Be seen as an expert but you're not sure how to get started Television, Radio, Speaking, etc. (I've done it and I can help you do it)
  • Write a book or start a blog (Easy... you can get this up and on your way within record time)
  • Create an additional revenue stream (adding leverage income is always a good idea and I can show you how)
  • Wanting to brainstorm on a new idea or concept (like new business or re-branding your current business to be in more alignment with who you are)

More about Me and How I Can Help YOU… Delivering, Proven, Co-Created Results to Support YOUR Dreams

Our work is all about YOU and you probably want to know a little more about why you should trust me. When it comes to creating & marketing a business, I'm the real DEAL.

Experience to Serve You

    • My 20+ years of experience and an entrepreneur is put to work for you. My experience as a Business Strategist and Successful Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach earned recognition in the Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Broker, and Millionaire Mindset Coach
    • My media expertise helps you get the recognition you deserve. My work has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News as well as written two books, The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret, Discover Your Millionaire Mindset, and S.O.S (Secrets to On-Line Success.” And “Thinking Upside Down – Living Right Side Up”
    • My experience from working with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries gives me unique perspective to help you. I’ve worked with small entrepreneur startup businesses, to CEO’s of major corporations, and have real world case studies to help you create whatever you desire. (One of my first jobs was with an ad agency!)

The bottom line is, my goal is to help you create a strategic plan to map your goals and increase your bottom line.

In My Real Life

The truth is I'm an ordinary person just like you and I've been able to experience extraordinary things because of my mindset and strategy skills to breakthrough barriers, make more money, be seen in a big way and create solid business systems to support expanding success.

When I'm not coaching, reading or planning a new on-line product you will most likely find me on my farm with my English Springer Spaniel, Tai, brushing the horses Trudy and Lily (Tiger Lily), digging in my garden, on my John Deere Tractor (really) or helping my awesome entrepreneur daughter Ashley with her cool business The Vintage Girls. I might also be in Texas visiting my family or at an event learning myself! You see, I invest in my own growth and have one coach I have worked with for seven years! "If you're not growing, you're dying because Life is all about growing and stretching yourself."

There's one thing that makes the difference between people who make it big, and people who don't. A decision to reach for the unlimited opportunity that is right under your nose - even when you have every reason to quit. Don't give up now.

Let's co-create the life and business you've always dreamed of. Schedule your one on one Rapid Results Strategy Session to map out your plan and create powerful shifts in your life and the transformation that is yours to claim!