Coaches…”Who is Checking YOU Out and WHY?

Coaches are being searched out by potential clients.

coaches are looking to you to help find clarity in your business.

Did you know people are”Checking You Out” On-Line?

Yes they are.

They are searching on Google, Facebook, Twitter or various other Social Networks.


They want to know more about YOU.  

Who you are.

What your business is?

Coaches, do they want to do business with you?

They may have seen or connected with you on Social Media and want to know more about you.

I had a friend of mine call me yesterday who is a real estate agent and she had gotten a contract on a property she represents and she said she had immediately pulled up Google to check out the buyer and with one click, she found information on the Buyer that gave her more of a sense of who she was dealing with.

You may have someone want to “Friend” you on Facebook and more than likely you may do the same…check them out.

Here’s the deal.

Your WEBSITE is your on-line “real estate.”

The same goes for your Facebook Business Page.

(More than likely you are sending your followers back to your website to learn more about you!)

The truth is that people want to get a real sense of who you are, what you are all about, what the real YOU cares about, your values and of course, your big Why!

The thing is ….people don’t want your formal resume or bio, they just want to connect with a real person, YOU.

And they want to get a sense of what you do and IF you can help them.

Here are some tips you may want to consider.

5 Ways To Creating YOUR On-line Profile.

1. Be Authentic. There is too much hype out there in the on-line world and you want others to truly get who you are so they can connect with you in a real and meaningful way. Be straight forward letting them know what you do and how you can help them. It is about THEM.

2. Be Honest. Always tell the truth about who you are and what results they can expect if they choose to work with you. Don’t embellish. (Remember you are enough!) If you are a good match they will know it.

3. Be creative. It’s okay to let people know exactly what you do in your own way and you can do it creatively. (It’s a good thing) Don’t copy someone else, but instead ask yourself how can you present you in a way that feels true to yourself.

4. Be real. You can tell people what you are NOT. It’s okay to say for example…”I am not a therapist. I am a coach.” Or, you might say I work with Start-ups or Entrepreneurs that are making between $30,000 and $75,000.

5. Be consistent. You want your profile or information to be consistent across all your on-line “real estate” This should be part of your “BRANDING” and it makes it recognizable and professional.



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