Ground Rules for YOUR Business (and Life?)

Some business strategies to boost your income…

Ground RULES for Your Business
Ground RULES for Your Business

Do you need some effective “Business Ground Rules” or “Business Strategies?”

You might want to start with some Guidelines…. so here are some basic ground rules. I use this list for my clients and I recommend that you take this list and adapt it to your business (or future business!) Some of these apply to LIFE as well.

Trust Your Intuition 

Yes.  Trust your intuition in your business!  You haven’t gotten to where you are in life without at least starting to develop your intuition.

The fact is that inside of you, you already KNOW.

(It is an inside job!)

Keep developing that small voice that says.”Wait this doesn’t feel right” or “This new client and I are going to do great working together.”  Or you may even be thinking, “I need to move out of this job.  I hate it .”

Here is what I know to be the truth,  you can learn to develop that voice by slowing down, listening and by giving yourself space to hear your own voice.

Take It Seriously, But LOVE What You DO

Business is serious and you need to look at it for what it is.


That means treating it like a business, not a hobby.

Do what you do best!  Hire out the aspects of your business that you hate doing because frankly, it is a waste of you precious time doing something you hate doing.

Business strategies involve making money.

BUT and it is a big BUT… Love what you do. Do what you love. Make it work for you. “Believe you can and you will.”

Over Deliver and Give Great Value

Always and Always. Give what you believe your clients want AND also give what you know your clients need.

That is why you always want to go beyond what is expected.

Be generous.

Reevaluate your business strategies at least every six months and take and inventory of exactly what it is you deliver and how you can make changes that will be more effective.


Make it your mantra!

Create Your Own Products and Programs

Here we go again YOU know what you want to create in your business.

Really.  You are a Creator.

Your ideas and your products should reflect your highest and best gifts and have fun with it. (Let go of what others are doing and focus on what you do)

In other words, don’t compare. Take the time to develop and create your ideas around how you want to DO your business.

Be creative

Be you.

Think outside your own box.

What will this year look like for you?  This month?

More sales, more money, more freedom, more clients, more vacations, more education.  You are the “DECIDER”.  (Don’t you love it!)

Keep Improving Yourself and Your Business

Life is about growing and developing yourself and your business strategies.

You may need to learn a new skill.

Think bigger than you have before.

Allow yourself to dream your business into reality.

Understand and study all you can about “MINDSET.”  You are what you believe you are.

You can do what you believe you can do. Everything you tell yourself is what you will create.

If you can’t dream it you won’t achieve it.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” –Thomas Alva Edison

Kudos To YOU

Last But Not Least..YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.  

Everything about your business will reflect who you are.

An AWESOME person.

Congratulations, you are in the top 2% of the world in stepping out and doing your own thing.

You’re an Entrepreneur!

And if you haven’t made that leap yet, it’s not too late.

There is a whole world of Entrepreneurs that have been dreamers just like you and when you are ready….  take the leap.

In the meanwhile, if you need direction or strategies in moving your dream forward or taking a quantum leap hire a Business Strategist or Coach. (And NOT  just because I happen to be one!) Invest in yourself and find someone that can give you a personalized Blueprint for taking your idea, dream or business to a whole new level. It will be a game changer for you. Think Success.  Think Coach.

Business strategies are an important part of business success.

Anita and Tai discussing business strategies   It’s me and Tai.  My business partner.  He listens and I talk.  If you feel so inclined…please leave a comment below.  (I promise I will read it to Tai!)